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A new run-out system for buntmetall amstetten's extrusion press

Multifunctional run-out system offers flexibility, productivity, and high quality

ASMAG proudly serves the Austrian market: buntmetall amstetten has placed an order with ASMAG to supply a run-out system for a 50-MN extrusion press for copper and copper special alloy tubes and bars. In the production of extruded products, run-out systems are largely responsible for determining product quality and productivity. As a leading player in this industry, ASMAG has supplied a number of innovative run-out systems to re-nowned companies in the industry, and completed projects to their satisfaction. These facts, combined with its extensive skills and long-standing experience, made ASMAG the obvious choice for buntmetall amstetten.

Among market players, buntmetall amstetten is renowned for its extensive product range, which offers various cross-sections and alloys. Such flexibility however, places extreme de-mands on run-out systems. Fully aware of such hefty requirements, ASMAG has analysed da-ta from numerous customers to design a dedicated and unrivalled solution.

ASMAG's run-out system offers maximum flexibility when changing between different extrud-ed products, supporting the diverse product range and ever smaller batch sizes required by the market today. What is more, ASMAG's solution allows short set-up times when changing be-tween small copper alloy products, which require a particularly fine control of pulling forces and ambient air cooling, and large copper products, which must be rapidly cooled in water us-ing an intensive cooling tube.

High productivity, for example, is favored by an interlinked process, including eccentricity checking and material tracking. This technique provides an optimized material flow of the ex-truded tubes to supply cold pilger mills for tube production.

Straight bars for the drawing mill are stored in racks after sawing by means of a specially de-signed stacking device, which ensures damage-free internal transportation, and the opportuni-ty to automate further processing. When it comes to extruded product quality, the main factors are straightness, grain structure, and surface condition. ASMAG's intensive cooling tube favors a homogeneous and fine structure in copper products. Furthermore, the run-out is designed to avoid surface damage even when processing extremely sensitive products.

All system components are designed and manufactured by ASMAG in Austria, including pre-assembly and complete automation. Against the general trend, the company has always kept production in house, as a way to guarantee the highest quality for its customized solutions.

buntmetall amstetten GmbH, a subsidiary of Wieland Werke AG in Germany, is one of the lead-ing manufacturers of copper and alloy-based semi-finished and finished products. The run-out system is part of the new press mill at the Amstetten site, which will be commissioned in 2017. This key project represents one further milestone in the solid, 30-year cooperation between ASMAG and buntmetall amstetten.