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New management at INGENIA

The ASMAG Group strengthens its market presence and strategic orientation

Linz, September 2019: With effect from the 16th of September 2019, Andreas Osterkorn (45), has been appointed as the new managing director of INGENIA GmbH, which specialises in crane and conveyor technology as well as material logistics and special plant engineering. Osterkorn is a graduate industrial engineer in the field of process engineering and has already held a leading position at INGENIA from 2012 to 2016. Accordingly, he holds extensive experience in the process technology of galvanising and pickling plants. This appointment underlines once again the strategic reorientation of INGENIA, which has been part of the ASMAG Group since the 1st of February 2017.

Owner Sets the Course for the Future

Johann Vielhaber, founder, owner and managing director of ASMAG GmbH, is confident about having taken a major step forward in his efforts to further expand the synergies within his group of companies: "With Andreas Osterkorn we gain an internationally experienced leader for INGENIA's management. His technical know-how paired with his extensive experience in industrial plant construction will speak for itself to both customers and markets. "

Synergies Enable New Market Segments

The merger of several companies into the ASMAG Group enables new market segments thanks to their complementary and innovative technologies. The focus of INGENIA is both in the field of material logistics and pre-treatment for galvanising piece goods as well as in the pickling and oiling of pipes, rods and wire.

Great Potential for Sustainability

Johann Vielhaber sees particularly great potential within the network of all companies belonging to the ASMAG Group, for the conception and production of plants taking into account the ever increasingly important aspects of sustainability. Innovations are therefore being pushed ahead to substantially improve processes, energy efficiency and environmental protection.


INGENIA GmbH is an international company headquartered in Linz, Upper Austria. Since 1st of February 2017, INGENIA has been part of the ASMAG Group. The Linz operation sees itself, first and foremost, as a specialist in material logistics and conveyor technology for the galvanising and semi-finished industries.


The ASMAG Group, headquartered in Scharnstein in Upper Austria's Almtal, is an innovative group of companies primarily active in mechanical and plant engineering for the metal industry. With branches in Austria, Germany, Italy and the USA, the globally active ASMAG Group ranks among the leading providers in the industry.

(Caption: Andres Osterkorn (left) with Johann Vielhaber)